If It’s You To Be Mine

Today I decided to forget you. I know you’ll never come to be mine. You say, you don’t love me now. You found someone other to be loved. I deleted your messages, pics and contact. I kept your every gifts in a box, and made them away from my sight. I was trying to be […]

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Love v/s Trust

WHAT! Are you doubting me? Do you think I can cheat you? Don’t do, my heart is aching. Don’t wound my soul. TRUST ME, MAN. Your frequent way of killing my expectations is making me fearless everyday to face the worst. I dressed up today seeing me into the mirror, and saw me helpless. The […]

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If Iris Is My Soul

​ Said Iris,don’t go the way life takes you, You’re going to do something new. Why not to take life the way you go, If everything is possible so try to grow. Let’s enjoy the precious life outing woe. Lest fear should come, say No,No,No. Mistake ain’t breaking you in two, It’s a big lesson, […]

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English Short Story | Gender Discrimination Written By Neha Shwens Firoz

[English Short Story | Gender Discrimination Written By Neha] is good,have a look at it! https://storymirror.com/story/587906362086f7335354e96f In this imperfect world, nature has divided human beings into two beautiful creations, men and women. Both are blessed with different sort of qualities. Some are blessed to women, some to men and some are common in both. This […]

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Smitten With A Swain

How the pleasant mood becomes worst when anyone gives a jolly jolt with their heavy brownish bags. How it becomes hard to find the one who tramples shoe all of sudden in crowd. It’s really a gleeful moment to take rollicking walk for the train on the station. My parents came with me to see […]

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Cuddle Up Me

Cuddle up me the way we both look one. Look at me the way I get touched wholly. Love me the way I forget the world. Once allow me to love you. Then I’ll see how you’ll hog all the pleasure of my love alone.

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An Eden Of My Love

I was driving car alone on the nameless road. There was too loneliness around me and I felt there the quietness of the world. I was lulled by the peaceful sound of the winds coming from the outside. To break the silent moment, I played the song of Mariah Carey_”Touch My Body’. Unknowingly I was […]

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Who Says, I Don’t Love You

Listening songs I hear you. Reading books I understand you. Getting glimpse I impress you. Who says,I don’t love you. Knowing talents I motivate you. Seeing others I find you. Holding pillow I hug you. Who says,I don’t love you. Watching movies I see you. Dealing work I feel you. Facing loneliness I need you. […]

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